What kind of games can you run with a 500$ gaming laptop?

A $500 gaming laptop in 2016 is actually versatile and can surprisingly run a large amount of last generation and current generation games. Moore’s law states that the cost of technology as well computing power doubles every 18 months. For example, check out this Dell laptop that was sold in 2010 and then compare it to this laptop. It’s absolutely insane when you like at the price difference and the gap of computing power.
For those looking for a gaming laptop under $500, the first thing you should ask yourself is “what kind of games do I want to run”. Not every PC game is built the same as some games take next to nothing to run while others are just absolute hogs. Let’s take a look at the minimum specs of a last gen game Team Fortress 2 and current gen game Overwatch:

Team Fortress 2:






Now lets take a look at the Asus X550ZA-WH11 laptop which retails around 500:



The Asus X550ZA-WH11 can easily run Team Fortress 2 and overwatch, both a last generation and current generation game. Both games have a large fan base that consists of thousands of players (and growing) yet has specs that can easily be run on a 500 dollar laptop. That said, certain games are very intensive to run and are simply not doable. For example, here are the minimum requirements for batman arkham knight and witcher 3:


batman arkham knight



Witcher 3




It would be very unlikely that you will run the above games on a 500 dollar laptop. You might come close but the settings would be very low and super restrictive which would ruin the gameplay and overall gaming experience. The $500 price tag is still restrictive despite the improvements in computing technology and the cost of technology being reduced year by year.

What We Recommend:

If you’re budget is $500 then look for a laptop with quad core processor, a dedicated GPU and 8gbs of ram as the bare minimum. This should be your starting point speciation wise and you should be able to run a ton games with above specs. Like I mentioned earlier, it comes down to game you plan on running with certain games being more computer intensive than others. We put together a list of best laptops under 500 for gaming that is updated every week. Thanks for reading and I hope this article helped a few of out!