5 Signs That Your Laptop Battery Should Be Replaced

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After a period of years, laptop batteries age and may need to be replaced no matter how good gaming laptops generally are. From the moment you take your laptop out from its box and plug it into the wall to charge, it will slowly degrade over time. There are several signs that suggest a new battery is required with some of them being blatantly obvious and others being subtle. Below is a brief list of  5 common signs that its time for a new laptop battery:

1. Your laptop is overheating

Overheating is a sure sign of a problem. Typically, laptops are warm to the touch. When they are overly hot, it is probably time to replace the battery. In addition, if the battery gets extremely hot, it is best to change the battery right away to avoid a fire. Although its fairly uncommon, their have been a few horror stories of laptops getting so hot that they eventually catch on fire.

2. Your laptop randomly shuts down or Restarts

If your laptop is contently shutting down and restarting, its a good chance that it is the battery. This is a very bothersome problem that is beyond annoying (especially if you need to use the laptop for a long period of time).

3. Battery Life Reduces over time

If the battery does not last as long as it used to when the laptop is in use, it is highly likely that it is the battery. Like we mentioned above, a laptop’s battery life begins to decline as the months go by and this is a good indication of needing a new battery.

4. Rapid Battery Drain under normal usage

If the battery appears to be rapidly draining under normal use and if the battery meter indicates that there is still life left, it is more than likely time for a new battery. This is especially true if the battery drains quickly after it has been properly recharged. If your laptop’s battery suddenly drops by half when using microsoft word for 15 minutes, its time for a new battery.

5. Difficulty Charging The Battery Itself

Charging problems also point to battery trouble. When the battery is properly installed and will not completely charge, it is highly likely that the battery is dead.
After many charges, the battery will need to be replaced. Also, if the battery has not been changed within the last two years, a new battery will be needed.
Laptop batteries are not designed to last for a lifetime. It is important to maintain the computer and to be aware of these and other signs that the battery is failing. In many cases, changing the battery will make older laptops run like new. Keeping your laptop optimized and fresh will ensure that your laptop and its battery will function much longer and more efficiently. That said, some laptop manufacturers design their laptop batteries better than others which is why you need to research the laptop before making a purchase. Be sure to check reviews and what users from other communities are saying about a laptop that you are interested in.