About The Editor

Hi, my name is Neil! I’m a Father of three, husband to a loving wife and a big PC gaming Nerd. I’ve been gaming all my life and at this point, gaming is what defines me, its my my passion. I love testing out new PC hardware and  the feeling is beyond anything else (give me that new graphics card smell). When I was in college, I had very little money to spend on a gaming laptop and finding something adequate was a pain. I had a little over 500 dollars in my bank account. I thought I could start writing about gaming laptop reviews and help others who had the same problem I had when I was in college. And thus emerged the idea, Bestgaminglaptopunder500.com. I constantly search for feedbacks from my friends, from readers and anywhere I can. This is how I manage to write truly honest and no nonsense reviews.

We hope you enjoy the reviews,