Dell Inspiron i5559-3349SLV Laptop Review

dell gaming laptop

The Dell Inspiron laptop is a one of a kind laptop that many have taken satisfaction in. If you are looking for a laptop device that has the ability to run everything that you are needing in a quick and stress-free way, then the Dell Inspiron laptop is the one that will do just that for you. You will be able to take this laptop with you wherever you may need to go, and the body of this device is very sturdy and durable. This means that it will be able to withstand any type of travel or journey’s that you may be on. It has been designed with very high quality components, materials, and features. All of this mixed in together is what makes the Dell Inspiron one of the best laptops that you can find to purchase. You will not be disappointed with the results and work that you can get done when using this laptop, and there are so many other individuals who have been impressed and satisfied with its ability to function and get everything done that they are desiring.
When looking at the gaming performance of the dell  i5559-3349SLV, we were very impressed with what we got. The powerful i5-6200u , 8 gigs of ram and lightening fast SSD were great additions to help with gaming performance. It is hard to find a laptop that has such a high performance ability at a cheap price, and the Dell Inspiron is definitely one of those laptops that offer everything you could want at a low price that is affordable.


Laptop Specifications

  • Intel Core i5-6200U Processor
  • 128GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 520
  • 15.6 Led Display at 1366x768 pixels
  • Windows 10 operation system.


  • The Dell laptop is priced very well for what you are getting
  • Laptop is built very impressively
  • The added SSD is a nice addition that helps with performance


  • The 128GB SSD maybe to small for gaming
  • Battery life is not the greatest with this laptop.

Editors Rating

  • Price     84%
  • Specs 89%
  • Build Quality 89%
  • Battery Life 80%
  • Screen Quality 87%
  • Gaming Performance 86%
  • Overall Rating 85%

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a laptop that is inexpensive, works quickly, runs everything to your desire, is durable and strong, and has the highest in quality, then the Dell Inspiron might just be the laptop that you have been looking for. It has all of the necessary features and aspects to make sure that you get your work done throughout the day, and it gives you as much entertainment as you are desiring. This device has ranked high on the charts as one of the fastest and easiest to use laptops on the market. When it comes to gaming performance expect to run current generation games at the low end to mid end and last generation games at the mid end to high end. It really comes down to the game you plan on running which why its important to check out the recommended specs of said game.