Choosing the right size laptop can be hard. There are many common size options, ranging from what is basically a tablet with a keyboard to a massive slab of power and computing. Ultimately, which size laptop you choose depends on what you need from it and what you will be using it for. Keep in mind also that smaller laptops are usually less powerful and less expensive than their larger counterparts, and gaming laptops are almost exclusively 15.6 inch or higher in size.

For the Student: 11″ and 14″ Laptops

For students, an 11 or 14 inch laptop is probably the best choice, as these can provide the basic accommodations of Windows, Mac or Linux without breaking the bank. Additionally, their small size and typically thin form means that they can be stored and carried lightly and without too much afterthought. However, some people may not like the overall small size of the keyboard and screen, and it may be difficult to find high-end laptops with one of these size options. Either way, an 11 or 14 inch laptop will get the job done without too much trouble.

For Gamers and Professionals: 15.6″ and 17″ Laptops

15.6 and 17 inch laptops are much larger, and usually heavier due to being packed with performance parts and extra features. Gaming laptops come almost exclusively in this size, as it’s just not possible to have its parts in a smaller laptop frame. Additionally, for professionals, this may be the best size option due to speedy performance and a larger keyboard. Do note, however, that these laptops may not fit in some bags and may be heavy to carry.

Keep in mind that this is just a generalization and the preferences of people can vary. For example, some gaming laptop owners prefer a smaller screen due to how portable they are and some casual laptop users prefer a bigger screen for viewing purposes. Also, be aware of pricing as it can impact what you get in gaming pcs.