Finding a Job in Computer Hardware: Using Online Employment Listings To Find Technology Jobs

Do you enjoy working with computer hardware and technology in general? Are you the kind of person that can think of no better way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon that browsing around an electronics store lusting over well stocked shelves of the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos? If this sounds like you then perhaps thinking about finding a job in computer hardware is in the cards. If you are lucky, your next job could be a dream come true.

Examples of Jobs In Computer Hardware and Technology

When a person thinks about combining a passion for computers with a full time job most immediately think of the “geeks,” that work in most retail electronics stores. While this is obviously a possibility, retail customer service is only one of many possible jobs in the computer hardware and technology arena that a person can get involved in. Fun jobs that work with computer hardware on a daily basis are out there, but they are just more difficult to find. Take for example technology coordinators now working in school districts all over the country. A few years ago this staff position was not even on the books, but as schools have added more and more tech to their classrooms, the need for a dedicated, network capable coordinator has grown as well.

Along the same vein, consider the growth in networked homes. If you consider yourself a capable do-it-yourself person that has experience doing multimedia wiring consider the idea of becoming a professional installer for home network hardware or even for home theater installations. There are hundreds of similar jobs out there that are growing by leaps and bounds. You just have to find the one that fits into your own personal sphere of knowledge.

Finding Jobs In Computer Hardware and Technology

Unless you have been living under a rock you have doubtless heard of the major players in technology job advertising. Monster, Dice, Hotjobs, any of these online job web sites will be able to help you search through hundreds or even thousands of openings to find one in your niche. The problem with these job sites, however is that they may or may not have anything in your general area. They are great for those that already live in major cities or even medium size cities, but smaller communities seem to post jobs to these sites much less frequently.

If you are looking for a job in computer hardware but don’t want to move very far take a look at your local Sunday paper. Many newspapers now partner with web sites such as Career Builder to post new local listings online even before they appear in the print version of the newspaper. Many also allow you to set alerts to email you when a job that meets your criteria opens up. Set up some alerts, cross your fingers, and then be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to step out of your old, boring job and into an exciting career in computer hardware and technology.