When it comes to gaming on a laptop, a few things are coming on the horizon that can actually change everything and the fundamentals of what we see right now. 2016 was a massive year for virtual reality but the introduction of new tech does not stop there. Expect to see the following implemented when it comes to the future of laptop gaming:

Eye Control

The future laptop will allow a person to control where the mouse cursor goes by their eyes. All a person has to do is look where they want the curser to go and it will move. This is great to keep up with the quick movements in games. This will allow a person to zone in on their targets as well.

Touch Screen

While the keyboard is not going away the laptop will have touch screen features. A person will be able to use their fingers to move their characters around in the game. Within the next couple of years, numerous laptops will have the touch screen feature incorporated. A person can use their hand to control the ways that their player moves. The newly released steam controller uses a similar concept when it comes to the touch technology.

3D Technology

While there have been video game systems such as the Wii that allows a player to control their movement this is the big thing for gaming laptops. In development is the Creative Senz3D camera which will allow a person to interact with their game. They will be able to move their characters as well as grab and throw things with simple motions during the game play.
These are just some of the great gaming features that are being developed for laptop computers. Laptops are not going away but they are advancing with the times to give users a better experience. Despite the concept being in its infancy, this has potential to change the way play games much like the wii did in the mid “2000’s.


This is just a brief article that and is simply the tip of the iceberg. As the year go by, the price of technology drops and newer technology is released to consumers. That being said, the keyboard and mouse will not be going away anytime soon. The precision a mouse brings and the functionality a keyboard has is something that will be tough to beat and a very low chance of completely replacing.