What Are Laptop Skins?: Laptop Covers and Notebook Skins Give New Looks to Old PCs

Until recently shoppers that wanted a very high end, classy looking laptop computer were forced to buy from manufacturers that specialized in something called case modding. Today, adhesive laptop skins can change the looks of a laptop without the extreme expense of modding.

Notebook skins have other benefits as well. They not only allow the consumer to change the appearance of their laptop at will, but skins also provide a small degree of protection from accidental scratches during use. Laptop covers have been around for many years, but only recently have major manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard begun to offer brand specific laptop skins as an up front option when buying a new notebook computer. Here are some things to consider when buying a laptop skin for a notebook computer.

Finding a Laptop Skin that Fits

Laptop skins come in a variety of shapes and sizes that in most cases can be customized to fit any computer. Some manufacturers such as Skinit have made it very easy to find a skin to fit almost any computer beginning by selecting the brand name and continuing through to the specific model.

Devices such as printers and LCD monitors can also be skinned, and many of the same manufacturers sell skins for specific cell phone, video game, and other electronic devices. Once the correct size has been found, the buyer then chooses the image that is desired and places the final order. If the stock designs are not to the buyer’s liking, some sites also offer the chance to upload personal photographs that will be transferred onto the laptop skin.

Applying the Laptop Skin

Some companies offer professional application of skins, but in most cases the buyer will easily be able to apply the laptop skin at home with very few supplies.

As recommended by Leftskins, the end user must thoroughly clean the surface of the laptop, beginning first with a damp cloth and continuing to a clean cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Once the surface is prepared, the skin is lined up on the surface of the laptop, the backing removed, and the skin smoothed down onto the cleaned surface.

If done correctly, the skin will stay firmly in place for a long time. If the surface was not sufficiently cleaned the edges of the skin and those on curved areas of the case may curl up prematurely.

Laptop skins are without a doubt a luxury item for most computer users. Businesses may find skins to be an effective marketing tool, but for most individuals, such as those wanting a fresh, unique look to spruce up a boring grey laptop, adding a colorful laptop skin may be just the ticket.