How To Make Laptop Run Faster

How To Make Laptop Run Faster: A step by step guide

how to make laptop run faster

Was your laptop blazing fast when you first got it yet it progressively got worse over time? Laptops have been progressively outselling desktop PC over the years which is really no surprise. The only problem with laptop is how restricted the technology is due to the small portable size. That being said, their are a few simple tweaks you can do help boost performance and optimize your laptop for gaming. Good gaming laptops must all be optimized no matter how stacked the specs are.

Step 1

Create a backup on a hard drive or a restore point. Before we start tweaking things, its beyond important that we still have a starting point.

Step 2

If you havent done so already, remove the bloatware found in your laptop. Many PC manufacters sell laptops that are chalk full of bloatware software that bogs down the laptops performance. A few good programs that clean your computer are CCleaner, PC Decrapifier and Defraggler

Step 3

Delete the startup programs you do not need. These programs launch and stay active in your computers background. If you don’t need them, remove them.


Step 4

Now that your laptop is free from bloatware and programs that may slow it down, its time to tweak the actual insides of your computer. If you have an Nvidia GPU in your laptop, open Nvidia Control Panel and Tweak the settings as follows:

  • Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: Enable this setting and switch it to “1”
  • Threaded Optimization: This option should be enabled
  • VSync: Disable this option to reduce graphics but boost frame rate

If you have an AMD gpu within your laptop, open the AMD/ATI Control Center and tweak the settings as follows:

  • Wait for Vertical Refresh: Disable this option to reduce graphics but boost frame rate
  • Mipmap Detail Level: Set this at a lower setting to improve performance
  • SMOOTHVISION HD: If you have a weak GPU, disable this option.

Step 5

Once all 4 steps have been completed, launch the game you plan on running and take notice of how it is running. If you are unsatisfied, go back to step 4 and tweak the setttings. Once you finally got the optimal speed for your game, perform a backup.


And that’s it folks. 5 simple steps to boost your laptops speed and optimize for gaming. This can be done on a brand new laptop or an laptop that has degraded over time. Thanks for reading!