Monitor Computer Use with Zoomzaa

Keep Children Safe Online with Free Parental Control Software

Zoomzaa is an easy-to-use Internet tracking and monitoring tool that provides peace-of-mind for concerned parents, at no cost.

Zoomzaa helps parents in several ways. First, the parental control program is totally free. Secondly, parents are able to monitor and track computer activity including online chatting and website visits. Zoomzaa is a simple and effective program that provides peace-of-mind to parents with this no-cost program.

Zoomzaa is highly customizable. Parents are able to ignore, accept, and block particular websites. Parents can block websites from any location, at any time. Screenshots are included. Screenshots provide a snapshot, in image form, of a particular website that includes the name of the website, the date and time of the screen capture and the user that visited the site.

Zoomzaa is ad-supported software that does not include any annoying pop-up advertising. All ads are unobtrusive, appearing in daily reports and on the Zoomazaa website.

While Zoomzaa does monitor websites and MSN Messenger chats, the program, however, does not monitor keystrokes.

How To Install:

  • To begin, simple registration is required.
  • Registration requires a primary email address. This information allows users to log into Zoomzaa from any location at any time.
  • Once registration is complete, simply download the program and install according to instructions.
  • Once the program is installed on the computer hard drive, tracked information is emailed to parents on a daily basis.
  • A green “h” icon will appear in the bottom corner of computer monitor. Right click to “test Zoomzaa connection” and select options.
  • Select the “Account Administrator” section for monitoring and tracking preferences and options.

Zoomzaa Specifics:

  • Zoomzaa monitors websites and MSN Messenger.
  • Websites can be blocked based on specific categories; sexuality, games, hate, gambling or religion.
  • Zoomzaa tracks and monitors computer use on four computers simultaneously after the program is downloaded and installed on each computer. Registration is only required once, no matter how many additional computers are monitored.
  • Zoomzaa doesnot monitor or track secure websites (HTTPS).
  • Activity is automatically emailed to parents daily using the primary email address and up to four different addresses.
  • For current, up-to-date monitoring information, simply log onto the Zoomzaa website.
  • Activity can be monitored from other locations if Zoomzaa is installed.

The Zoomzaa program was designed to be transparent. When children access a blocked site, “The page cannot be displayed” message will appear.

The program works best with Internet Explorer and is compatible with Windows XP. Unfortunately, Zoomzaa is not currently compatible with other operating systems.

While parental control software provides peace-of-mind for parents, it is important to note that parents should not rely solely on monitoring software. Parents are the most important safeguard in keeping children safer on the Internet.