Why Emailing Is the Single Most Greatest Invention In Mankind

Snail Mail

Previously to email, there was snail mail and telephones to contact each other. When the pony express started the mail service, at that time the delivery seemed fast. When the wheeled was put to use with the steam engine or the train, mail seamed much faster. Today’s world of computers, email is almost instantaneous.

New Language

Email has also created a new language using symbols and speed writing. Acronyms have become the words of the internet.

You probably have heard of these:

BB4N – bye bye for now

ASAP – as soon as possible

B4U – before you

AKA – also known as

BRB – be right back

BTDT – been there done that

BTW – by the way

Some Emoticons:

🙂 smiling face

🙁 frown

😀 laughing

😐 board

:-X my lips are sealed

8) wide eyed or wearing glasses

2B|^2B to be or not to be

Keep Families Together

The best thing that email has done is to join families and friends together. Short messages along with photos help family’s keep in touch. Some messages may be as short as one word answers to a question. (Yes! Or Yep! As some people say.)

Business Communications

Email is also a way to communicate in business. Phone tag gets old soon. With email, there is no missing the message. When the fax machine came into business, it greatly enhanced communications between businesses. Since each fax number was manually typed, or set up in a speed dial button this was much faster than the telephone. After pressing the send button, the modem in the fax machine had to wait for an open telephone line, unless it was set up on its own line, then wait on the other side for the receiving machine to be ready to receive the fax.

Works Similar to Fax Machine

Email works similar to the fax machine, that it waits for a clear path before going off on it journey, then it waits on the other end until it can be downloaded. What’s different is that each piece of the message is separated and each part can take a different path to the destination where the software reassembles the message.

There are many email programs to choose from. Basic programs come with your computer when you purchase it. Other programs can be purchased. Some are downloadable from the web for free.

Two Basic Types

There are two basic types of email. The software on your computer, and internet based email. Some familiar computer software based programs are Outlook and Outlook Express. With computer based email software, you must at your computer to download your messages. Familiar internet based software programs are: Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL, and more. With internet email, the user can be any where in the world and use any computer connected to the internet to check mail.